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Anne Visits Vancouver Island, September 2009

These are (mostly) her photos. My video will follow later.

Obviously, we didn't take this photo. :-)

A Trip to Tofino
September 16-18, 2009

We drive up to Tofino and visit Cathedral Grove, Port Alberni and Ucluelet, and go whale watching.

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Our hotel is at the far end of the beach.

Despite the large amount of grey in the Tofino photos, the little trip was a very enjoyable experience.
The weather was warm and the sun broke through occasionally. Except for the second evening, it was mostly dry with a few sprinkles.
We felt the weather added to the atmosphere and did not detract from it.

Abkhazi Garden
September 23, 2009
The most perfect one acre garden in Victoria. The property of the late Prince and Princess Abkhazi, the garden is now maintained by the volunteers of the Land Conservancy.

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Tall Ships Victoria, 2008
Canada Day week-end; among the tall ships was HMAV Bounty, built in Lunenburg, NS, for the Marlon Brando movie.
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Victoria, March 8, 2008 at 3 pm
With apologies to all in the rest of the country who had to shovel snow this day.
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Victoria, December 16, 2007
What it was like here on the day
the rest of the country was being drowned in snow.
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Saanich Peninsula - November 2007
What the weather was like in and around Victoria at the end of November.
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On the Road
My cousin Karin and I do BC (and a
bit of Alberta) - August 2006
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Pictures of Snow & Ice in Paradise
A very early winter in Vancouver and
Victoria, November 29, 2006
The Scenic Route
North from Victoria Harbour along
the East Coast - October 2005 (46 photos taken with a film camera)
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Sunset near Ft. Rodd Hill Historic Site
Victoria, December 15, 2005 about
4 pm
Should I move to Victoria?
May 2003 - visiting Victoria to see if I want to move there. Not all photos are from my camera.
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Ottawa 2001
The way things were...
       Norfolk Island
and a bit of Australia - July/August 2000.
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Some Old Sound Files
Restored German 78 rpm records
from the 1920s and 1930s
from my parents' collection