Here are some pictures of the cars I've owned and loved since 1962 with a little story attached to each.
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1959 Mercedes Benz 170
I was one-third owner of this model while I was in Germany finishing my officer training with the 2nd Battalion of the Canadian Guards. I didn't even have a driver's license then. I have no idea of the model year of the car we bought, but it seemed to use more oil than gasoline. I think my share of the purchase price was $40.


1962 VW Beetle
This is my first car, the car every good
German-Canadian should have bought
and probably did. I swore I would never
own a black car again, because five
minutes after washing it, it would look
grey again. But it took me everywhere,
summer or winter, without fail. It cost
$1,900 when my salary as an army
lieutenant was $5,500.


1964 VW 1500 TL
The first VW to look a bit like an
American car. Nice but under-powered. This car took me all the way to the Rockies (and back, of course). But I soon wanted some-thing more powerful (with a decent heater).


1965 Studebaker
My one and only American-designed car.
I bought it when Studebaker moved all its
production to its Canadian plant. I wasn't
sure they'd stay in business though, so I
kept track of sales numbers and traded it
in just in time. The dealer sat on it for a
year. I really liked this car, Studebaker was
always ahead of its time.


1966 Sunbeam Tiger
My only sports car. British, but with a small American Ford V8, transmission and electrical system, so considered reliable. I once raced an unbelieving Jaguar XKE down the 401 near Kingston
at 125mph (200km/hr), and promptly got a speeding ticket. Unfortunately, the British body rusted away in just two winters.


1967 Volvo 144
A Swedish-built Volvo, just before they started to build them in New Brunswick. Roomy, reliable, but boring. Especially after I had it serviced at a BMW dealer in Ottawa in 1969 who "allowed" me to test drive a 1969 BMW 2002.


1969 BMW 2002
Buying an orange car, any orange car, in the seventies was a dangerous proposition. The highway police patrolled from small airplanes (money was no object obviously). I don't  remember how many speeding tickets I got between Ottawa and Montreal in those days.


1971 BMW Bavaria
I picked the Bavaria up at the BMW factory in Munich shortly after being posted to 4CMBG in Lahr. It was completely tax-free, so it was my
biggest bargain. I still have the bill - $3,971 - about $300 less than I paid for the BMW 2002 in Ottawa. My best car, till the 2001 VW Golf!!


1978 VW Scirocco
The only car I've ever been able to pay cash for (after six months in Rome on military foreign service allowance). It cost twice as much as the BMW Bavaria above and I drove it until 1992 when I sold it at 200,000 km. I loved driving this car!


1980 VW Golf Mk 1 (Rabbit)
What can I say, this was my mother's car until
she had to stop driving in 1992. The Rabbit
only had about 65,000 km on it when I took it
over. Unfortunately, during the past few years
my mother had only driven it to go shopping.
Naturally, things started to break down once I
started to drive it on the highway.


2001 VW Golf Mk 4
I bought this VW in November 2000. With this model and comparable Audi models, VW left the economy car field behind. Technologically and qualitat-ively, this car is on the same level as BMW & Mercedes, at a more reasonable price point. After ten years, it still feels like new, with only minor fixes (till now). I love this car (more than I did the BMW Bavaria)!